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Center of Gravity Golf Inc   Center of Gravity Golf Inc
Center of Gravity Golf is a new and exciting golf instruction method based firmly on the basic geometry and physics that control the golf swing.
Alan Williamson Golf
Skeleton view of golf instruction by a British PGA member.
All About Golf
Information about the instructor, golf tips, programs, books and materials, newsletter, and radio show.
All About Golf Tips and Instruction
Features free golf instruction tips, articles, 'Ask the Pro" and lots more.
Andree Martin Golf
About the instructor, lessons, clinics, seminars, services coaching, corporate outings, tips, and location in NC.
Information on golf and other sports, with special attention to using video with Callaway fitting system.
Atlanta Golf Lessons
Seven fundamental steps to a better golf swing.
Barney Puttick
Information about PGA coach, philosophy, lessons, tips and location at Mid Herts Golf Club.
Benning Golf
About levels of instruction for all ages, instructor's background, junior and corporate programs and location in Virginia.
Big Golf Lesson
Describes free 14 part mail course for putting, chipping, pitching and bunker play.
Bill Breen
Presents variety of lesson programs, philosophy, professional sketch and location in Nashville, TN.
Bob Montello
Presents the instructor's philosophy, background, experience, testmonials, a forum, location in Pinehurst and contact information.
Bobby Ashton
About the professional, philosophy, programs, fees and location in Maryland.
Bogart Golf
About instruction at your desktop via streamed video, with online questions and answers.
Shows the profesional's backround, instruction issues, articles, philosophy and location in Orlando, FL.
Carolina Smart Swing
About the instructor, Natural Golf approach, tuition and packages, in SC.
Casey Eberting Golf
Provides online practice and playing tips using the Ben Hogan fundamental method, offers private instruction including location, fees, and scheduling, and offers video lessons by mail.
Chris Graham Golf
Describes Old Way New Way coaching method for habit development, clinics and individual coaching, with special attention to juniors and women.
Chuck Evans Golf
Presents boot camp, programs and resources for instructors and players, all based on Homer Kelley's 'The Golfing Machine.
Chuck Hogan Golf
About the author and his philosophy of instruction.

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